Roots in the Southeast.
Reach that spans the nation.

Getting the highest price for your apartment complex can feel like an impossible balancing act. You want access to the most buyers possible. You want a brokerage firm that can actually get the deal done. All while dealing with multiple brokers constantly pressuring you to list with them.

At TKC, we let our results do the talking:

  • We consistently get properties in front of the most buyers.
  • Case study after case study shows that our sellers walk away with an experience (and price) that vastly exceeds expectations.
  • We hire brokers with proven track records and focus exclusively on selling apartment complexes, giving us unmatched relationships in the industry.
Covering markets in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, we’re dedicated to setting the new standard for selling apartment complexes in the Southeast.

Here's How We'll Help You Close at the Best Price

While we have access to the same buyer databases as the largest brokerage
firms, it's our approach that makes all the difference.

  1. 1
    We share information to attract the maximum number of buyers.
    When you work with one TKC broker, you work with all of us. Collaboration is ingrained in our daily routine, meaning your property isn’t limited to the network and relationships of just one person.
  2. 2
    We pick up the phone.
    While we invest heavily in creative marketing campaigns and strategies, we seek out the hard work that gets deals done. There isn’t a call we won’t make to find the right buyer for your property.
  3. 3
    We put your property in experienced hands.
    On average, our brokers have over a decade of experience. They don’t just have the data - they know what to do with it.
  4. 4
    We find and showcase your property’s hidden value.
    Our team uncovers the value and details about properties and markets no one else find. When we present your property to buyers, we’re not only showing them the relevant facts and figures, we’re giving them the full picture of the market.
  5. 5
    We sell apartments.
    TKC is focused exclusively on selling apartment complexes, so our incentives are completely aligned with yours. We specialize in your needs rather than dabbling in leasing or management. You can count on our expertise.

Experience the new standard for selling apartments.